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Eliquis Apixaban 2.5 mg 20 tabs
Out of stock


Eliquis Apixaban 2.5 mg 20 tabs
Scheriderm Diflucortolona isoconazol neomycin Cream 15 g
#SKU4472In stock


Scheriderm Diflucortolona isoconazol neomycin Cream 15 g
Package Size: 15 gr
Generic Name: diflucortolona,isoconazol, neomycin
Manufacturer: BAYER DE MEX. S.A. DE C.V.
Crestor Rosuvastatin Generic 20 mg 30 tabs
#SKU4511In stock


Crestor Rosuvastatin Generic 20 mg 30 tabs
Package Size: 30 tabs.
Strength: 20mg
Generic Name: Rosuvastatin
Spanish Name: rosuvastatina
Glutamine 800mg 90 caps. Glutamina
#SKU4554In stock


Glutamine 800mg 90 caps. Glutamina
Package Size: 90 caps.
Strength: 800 mg
Generic Name: Glutamine
Spanish Name: Glutamina
Sanity Nasal & Ear Syringe No O
#SKU4599In stock


Sanity Nasal & Ear Syringe No O
Package Size: 1 piece
Spanish Name: Jeringa Pera
Manufacturer: SANITY
Cialis tadalafil 5 mg 14 tabs
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Cialis tadalafil 5 mg 14 tabs
Package Size: 14 Tabs
Strength: 5 mg
Generic Name: Tadalafil
Spanish Name: Cialis

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